Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill

Label Columbia Records
EAN 889854344016
Nombre de vinyle(s) 1
Couleur(s) Noir
Code de téléchargement Oui
CD inclus Non

Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill

21,00 € 15,30 €

Le premier album du groupe légendaire Cypress Hill en vinyle 180 grammes !

#hiphop #westcoast #chicano rap

Tracklist, 16 titres

A1 Pigs 2:46
A2 How I Could Just Kill A Man 4:04
A3 Hand On The Pump 4:02
A4 Hole In The Head 3:05
A5 Ultraviolet Dreams 0:37
A6 Light Another 3:21
A7 The Phunky Feel One 3:28
A8 Break It Up 1:08
B1 Real Estate 3:51
B2 Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk 1:10
B3 Psycobetabuckdown 3:03
B4 Something For The Blunted 1:16
B5 Latin Lingo 3:58
B6 The Funky Cypress Hill Shit 4:01
B7 Tres Equis 1:55
B8 Born To Get Busy 1:48


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