Vic Chesnutt - Is The Actor Happy?

Label New West Records
EAN 607396515110
Nombre de vinyle(s) 2
Couleur(s) Noir
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Vic Chesnutt - Is The Actor Happy?

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Réédition de l'album Is The Actor Happy de 1995 en double vinyle 180 grammes, inclus 6 titres bonus et l'album en téléchargement.

#folk #rock

Cet album sorti en 1995 contient les classiques "Gravity Of The Situation", "Onion Soup" and "Guilt By Association". Cette réédition comporte 6 morceaux supplémentaires. 

"Is The Actor Happy? verifies his standing as one of the most relevant songwriters of the '90s. The album is a beautiful testament to Chesnutt's unique voice and the adversity that he's been through."
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19 morceaux

1. Gravity Of The Situation
2. Sad Peter Pan
3. Strange Language
4. Untitled
5. Onion Soup
6. Doubting Woman
7. Wrong Piano
8. Free Of Hope
9. Betty Lonely
10. Untitled
11. Thumbtack
12. Thailand
13. Guilty By Association
14. Assist
15. What Surrounds Me
16. Duck In A Tree
17. Parameters
18. Thailand (Early Version)
19. Fun Party / Shoestring Store